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ICORR 2005
IEEE 9th International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics
Frontiers of the Human-Machine Interface
June 28 - July 1, 2005
Chicago,  Illinois

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As mentioned in the background section, a key objective of this conference will be to illuminate emerging areas in order to inspire the next generation of researchers in rehabilitation robotics. Specific attention will be given to these areas in the podium presentations and, more importantly, in the keynote addresses. Some of these new areas are brain-machine interface, nanotechnology and virtual reality. New sessions will also explore the application of novel and promising control structures, such as brain-machine interfaces, to drive manipulators and artificial arms.  Sessions will also be held on innovations in actuator technologies and on the use of biomimetic robots to study human motor control. There will also be traditional sessions on rehabilitation robotics as assistive and therapeutic aids. Prosthetic robotics will also be a large feature.

The conference will be held over 21/2 days. Parallel sessions will only be used if there is an excess of high quality papers submitted and only for highly focused topics. We estimate the meeting will involve 275 participants, with venue arrangements and budgeting that can accommodate a range of 150-500 participants. The language of the Conference is English. Travel awards will emphasize and attract young investigators, women, minorities, and investigators with disabilities.

The meeting format is 3 keynote addresses (one per day, 45 minutes each -- approximately 35 minutes with 10 minutes of questions), up to 66 podium presentations (15 minutes each -- 10 minutes with 3 minutes of discussion and 2 for transition) and 2 poster sessions (11/2 hours each) with 30 posters in each session on Wednesday and Thursday. These poster sessions will partially overlap with a lengthy lunch period.


Hosted by:
Sensory Motor Performance Program (SMPP)
at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC)
and Northwestern University
Click here to go to Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago    Click here to go to Northwestern University

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