RehabRobotics Listserver

An electronic discussion forum that advances in the science of rehabilitation robotics.

What is RehabRobotics?

RehabRobotics allows subscribers to communicate with each other by electronic mail (E-mail). It is a listserv -- an electronic mailing list that offers an efficient way to disseminate information to large numbers of people using a single e-mail address. If you send a message to RehabRobotics this message will be distributed by the list server to all subscribers.

RehabRobotics focuses on but is not limited to:

  • Assistive Robotics
  • Therapeutic robotics
  • Human-machine and brain-machine interfaces for rehabilitation
  • Robotics in Prosthetics and Orthotics
  • Hardware and control developments for rehabilitation
  • Evaluation Methods and Clinical Experience

    RehabRobotics is sponsored by and the MARS RERC at the Sensory Motor Performance Program of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC). RIC is academically affiliated with Northwestern University.

    To subscribe:

    Subscription to the group is free.

    NOTE: In order to successfully subscribe to a list, make sure HTML formatting in your e-mail is turned off, you are not using e-mail signatures, your commands are in English, and you send your commands to:

    Send an e-mail without any subject line. Type the following command in the body of the message:

    You cannot post to the group until you subscribe. After subscribing, you will receive a welcome message with further details and then all future messages posted to the list. You can also choose to receive daily 'digests' with several messages combined.


    The following material is suitable for posting to RehabRobotics:
  • Conference announcements
  • Job announcements
  • Public discussions on topics of general interest
  • Calls for help
  • Information of general interest
  • Replies to any of the above

    Every posting to RehabRobotics should include:

  • text-only, in plain ASCII
  • A subject line that is short and meaningful
  • Relevant quotations from the original posting
  • A signature, at least name and affiliation, at the end
  • For public questions, some indication that you have searched elsewhere (literature, archives, www) and a summary of results from that search

    The following should NOT be posted to RehabRobotics:

  • Any binary data, file attachments, HTML, or WORD files
  • Mail intended for one person
  • off-topic issues (political, virus warnings, etc.)
  • Change of address (unless included in a posting with other content)
  • More than 1000 lines
  • Commercial advertising
    To make other types of files available, put them on your web site or FTP server and just send a short announcement.

    All postings to RehabRobotics should be in English, or at least contain an English translation.

    Questions?/Problems/Comments: James Patton, Ph.D.
    345 East Superior, Room 1406, Chicago, IL 60611-2654
    312-238-1277(office) -3381(Admin. Assist.) -1232(Lab) -2208(FAX) 425-699-2611(eFAX)

    This was last updated 9-AUG-2004